Day 1 of #OplanBalikAlindog: Office Gym & Biggest Loser Challenges

Today is the official start of my #OplanBalikAlindog so I visited the office clinic for weigh in. My initial weight is 172 lbs or 78 kgs. The BMI Chart says I am already obese, and I need to lose 32 lbs. to get the maximum healthy BMI. I would like to think it's impossible to achieve in one and a half months, but I will do my best. It's for my own good anyway.

So in Day 1, I hit the office gym: 30 minutes on the strider and another 30 minutes doing a combo of stationary biking, running up and down the stairs, taebo, and planking. It was tiring but I was really perspiring, so it's worth it.

With Willand, my officemate and gym buddy :)

I also closed two separate Biggest Challenge deals with officemate RSD and neighbor SCA. On November 15, we will have our last weigh-in and the one who has the biggest percentage of weight lost will be declared as the winner. Penalties for the losers are food treat for the entire office and a spa treatment, respectively.

I still eat normal, and there is no skipping of meals and/or deprivation. Just taking food in moderation. I don't avoid what I want to eat because I have the tendency to eat more when I get hungry. However, in the following days, I know I will be able to lessen my intake of red meat, desserts, coffee, and softdrinks.

Life is getting so exciting, right?


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