My Worst Allergy Attack

August is a sick season for me. In the first week, I had high fever and colds, which urged me to file a sick leave from work for two days, even if I didn't want to. The next day, I was rushed to the hospital because of severe rashes; there were occasional burning, painful attacks on the my arms and ears. I was given an intravenous medication so the inflammation would not worsen.
Medical results showed that I had hypersensitivity reaction to something I ate, which I suspected to be the "tinolang manok" I had for lunch on Thursday. Tsk! Tsk! It's really important to watch what you eat, especially if it's prepared, cooked, and sold in the streets. We consumers should be vigilant enough to choose what is good or bad for us.

Well, I also blamed this illness to my lifestyle: lack of sleep, unhealthy diet, and no exercise, weakening my immune system.

My doctor gave me Cetirizine for the allergies to subside. It was also the same medicine my cousin who is a nurse advised me to take. I felt relieved after taking it for 5 consecutive nights. It's a good thing I can buy it over the counter once my hypersensitivity occurs again.

Health is wealth, as people say. And I think I have to believe them now that I got my own dose of medicine.


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