BellissimaFirenze Bags: Filipino-made with a Touch of Italian Beauty

Just a couple of days ago, BellissimaFirenze contacted me through Facebook and asked if I wanted to review some bags. Who am I to say no? All girls love bags, don’t we? So I immediately said yes. Then a package sent via Xend Express surprised me last night when I arrived at home. It contained two lovely bags from BellissimaFirenze: one plain red satchel and one beige/flesh messenger bag. I was really excited to wear ‘em!

That Monday, I wore the beige/flesh messenger bag with black dress, animal-print cardigan, and brown Le Donne heels. At first, I was hesitant to pair it with office attire. I thought it was only perfect for casual events—a Saturday walk at the mall, the Sunday Mass, or a weekday dinner with friends—but because it was a Monday and I was cramming, I had no choice but to grab the first bag I saw. Surprisingly, it’s elegantly beautiful. Even my officemates liked it, especially the quality of the material, to the point that they also tried wearing it and striking a pose as in Lookbook.

The next day, I used the plain red satchel bag with animal-print inner top (Yes, I really love animal prints!), black cardigan, black skinny pants, and black Carmelettes platform shoes. They say, “Red is the new black,” so I can pair red stuff with just anything without being criticized, right? Oh well, a friend from another office admired my bag and she also wanted to order from BellissimaFirenze once she receives her allowance.

What I really love about my BellissimaFirenze bags? Aside from its material that is quality and waterproof (Yehey, rainy season!), the spacious inside is just so perfect for my things. I am known for having a Big Bag Syndrome, which means I put things in my bag as long as there is space—even if I don’t need them as much. Surprisingly, BellissimaFirenze bags can accommodate my stuff, from my kikay and make-up kits, credit cards holder, three-fold leather wallet, iphone5 in an Otterbox defender (which is very, very bulky), and even a folding umbrella. Oh my gosh, yes! All of these can fit in the bags. Amazing, eh?

The prices are also reasonable. Each of the bags I ordered costs P850.00 plus shipping fee of not more than P100.00 to anywhere in the Philippines. Not bad for a locally-made, gawang-Pinoy leatherette bags, which are being sold online. You not only save money from transportation and other expenses when you go to shopping malls, you also save time and effort because you can choose from a wide variety of designs and colors without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

I am planning to buy a couple of BellissimaFirenze bags, probably when I get back from an out-of-the-country trip this August-September, and I am going to get one black Celine-inspired bag with leopard prints and a plain red messenger bag. I hope to save some from my pocket money so I can get more bags.
Black Celine-inspired with leopard prints

I want the plain red messenger bag!
I got the opportunity to ask one of the owners, Florence "Ces" Nitafan, why they named their shop “BellissimaFirenze,” and this was what she said: “Bellissima is Italian for beautiful and Firenze is Italian for Florence. In essence it means beautiful Florence. But not because I'm named Florence and I feel beautiful. The real inspiration is that all things Florentine or from the City of Florence are tasteful, of high culture and very artistic or stylish. So for us the name means beautiful finds of Florence. We'd like to put it that way."

Please like and visit BellissimaFirenze's Facebook page and/or follow them on Instagram @bellissimafirenze. For queries and orders, please contact 09175526987 and look for Ces. Happy shopping! Cheers!


edelweiza 5:58 PM  

Nice bags, indeed! I want that Celine Luggage-inspired bag with animal print, too. Pwede b-day gift mo na lang sakin? Tamang tama, ang balik mo mga October yan. Haha. :)

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