My First Zalora Purchase

Hello, dear readers! I'm back. Oh well, I have just downloaded the Blogger application on my iPhone, so that I can update this blog more often.

The photo shows my first purchase from Zalora, an online shop that sells clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, make-up, and other interesting products. I bought a Chloe Edit Jacosta capri pants, which I plan to use in August for an out-of-the-country trip (crossed fingers); it has brown, pink, and black Aztec zigzag prints, and a non-stretchable fabric. It looks good with wedged shoes.

The buying process has been easy for me, as I only have to click buttons, and register the e-coupon I won from a Facebook contest held by Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation and my credit card info. I placed my order on a Friday and got my package the next Monday. I would like to mention that I was impressed by the packaging because I didn't expect it to have its own Zalora texts on the plastic bag—I haven't experienced that with eBay yet. With the item goes a return/replacement form, too, which you have to send back, along with the item, if something goes wrong. In my case, I don't need it.

I am very much pleased by the efficient, prompt service. I think I will have more shopping activities with Zalora soon.


Summer Ramirez 6:41 AM  

Thank you for sharing. This definitely helped me decide if I was to purchase or not. And since there are only a few reviews on the said company's service, I decided to make a review myself as I was inspired to help other people much like you helped me with this entry. Check out my blog post at to find out how you can get a 15% discount on your next purchase.

Nicely 2:20 PM  

@Summer Ramirez: Congrats on your first Zalora purchase, Summer! The bracelets are cute! And thank you for dropping by. I dropped by at your blog, too. :)

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