How to Get that Russian Red Lips

Here's another impromptu tutorial of how to wear that kissable lips you have always wanted.
1. Outline the edge of your lips with Nichido Lip Pencil LP03 Blaze.
2. Fill in the rest of the lips with Mac Lipstick Russian Red. Notice that both the lip pencil and lipstick are of the same shade of red.
3. Using tissue paper or wet wipes, remove the excess stain outside the lip line. Project that fierce but seductive look.

You can always use the lip stain color of you choice. Feel free to explore your choices depending on your moods, and on the time of the day. Nude-colored lipsticks are perfect for day events, while darker tones however are best during the night.

Thank you for checking out this tutorial, and I hope you to visit my blog posts more frequently.


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