Freeway Pays Tribute to Philippine's Prima Ballerina, Liza Macuja-Elizalde

Since I was a little girl, I always dreamt of becoming a ballerina—but never had the chance to enrol in a ballet class for some unfortunate reasons. Yet my admiration for Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, who is without a doubt the best Filipina ballerina of her time, remains. Her many years as among the most sought-after classical ballet dancers in the Philippines and across the world have inspired many young aspirants to pursue ballet, paving the way toward their respective places in the ballet profession.

This time, Freeway pays tribute to Philippines' prima ballerina, Liza Macuja-Elizalde, for doing our country proud and for her contribution to the development of the Philippine ballet industry. As part of Freeway's well-loved National Artist Collectors’ Series, the brand releases a special edition of "Swan Song Series" sublimation tee-shirt that immortalizes the signature ballets of Lisa Macuja-Elizalde. This collection aims to celebrate various forms of arts by bringing creative fusion of fashion and works of art of our National Artists—literature, visual art, and fashion design.

I need to have that shirt, too, as I am going to miss her stunning performances once she retired. I also wish to watch her last full-length “Swan Song Series,” which will unfold in the next two to three years. Too bad I missed the production kick-off last year with “Swan Lake” and “Romeo and Juliet."

What about you? Do you want the Lisa Macuja Shirt, too? Visit any Freeway stores nationwide and grab your own tee! You might also want to visit them on Facebook and Twitter for more surprising news and updates.


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