Complete your Summer Collection with Snoe's Whitening Products

Summer is fast approaching and my urge to go the beach is once again crawling into my skin! My summer dresses and swimsuits are ready, as well as my sunblock lotion. But wait, am I missing something here?

Whitening Products! Yes, you heard me right. Creams and moisturizers that protect our skin from the scorching heat of the summer sun are as important as lotions and soaps that whitens the same when it gets burnt. It is cool to have tan lines, especially in our country where there are many pristine beaches, but in a society that prefers white and fair skin all throughout the year, we definitely need a lightening aid.

And to complete my collection just before the summer comes, here are some whitening products courtesy of Snoé that I plan to buy and try.

Snoé's Beauty Bar Line

Snoe's current bestseller is their beauty bar line, coming in an array of colors, fragrances, and benefits. All made with high grade virgin coconut oil, which is rich in antioxidants and revitalizing nutrients, the soaps range from the whitening Glutathione versions to fresh-scented organic citruses and exfoliating oatmeal bars, among others.

Other products include:

Snoe White Body Softener Whitening Collagen

Snoe White Body Softener Whitening Glutathione

Snoe White Body Softener Whitening Moringa

Snoe White Magic Apple Whitening S-rub

Snoe White Whitening Detox Clay Mask

I am not as white as those skin whitening models we see on billboards, but with the help of these whitening agents, I am confident that I can revive my natural glow after the summer season. I will surely look for these beauty products in the market and treat them as my dearest possession. This explains further my concept of sensible spending—it's getting more than what we pay for!


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