Ukay-Ukay Hub in Tagaytay City

Today I don't feel like doing anything ♫ ♪
I just wanna lay in my bed ♪ ♫

I am so lazy to move today. Thanks to Bruno Mars for inspiring me. Haha.

But since today is a Sunday, I had to go to church with Mom. And as she says, we're heading off to Tagaytay, I didn't had a second thought, knowing that there are lots of ukay-ukay stores there. After the mass, we came across this thrift shop and saw a wide variety of clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. 

Ukay-Ukay Hub in Tagaytay City
And my first pick is a denim skirt worth P150. What's the catch? It fits! I seldom find denim skirts with a plus size, so I would regret if I won't buy it.

Second choice is a purple, asymmetrical top with stylish sleeves and a black zipper on the waist part, which comes as a design. I love the unique design of the sleeves and the zipper that gives curve to my voluptuous figure.

However, there are some stains on the back, left sleeve part. I used my hagging charm this time and asked the cashier to give me a less. From P180, she gave it for P150. Nice try. Success! 

And the last apparel is a sleeveless, printed top with a ribbon to tie in front of the chest. It is actually a long blouse, which I can use as an outerwear on a black puffed-sleeved shirt. But honestly, I am planning to use it as a lingerie (Sssshhhh! The Boyfriend or the Mommy might hear us.). Got it for P180.

These are all for now, as Mom got tired already. Next time, I will look for more thrift shops in Tagaytay and canvass which of them offer better items in a cheaper price.


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