I'm Ready for Singapore

Today is a busy Monday but before I proceed to my office work, I spent some time doing a sketch of how I will look on my trip to Singapore. I am no expert in drawing but I tried my very best to come up with the nearest detailed oeuvre to my imagination. So here goes...

I will be wearing a white t-shirt inside a purple cotton, sleeveless vest. The inner top is actually a part of the couple shirts I ordered from BloggeShirts.com. Below is a washed-out denim skirt, which is only three inches above the knee. My gray Converse chucks complete the entire outfit, along with my gray Jovanni sling bag.

So, how do you find my sketch? Or say, my Singapore outfit-to-be?

This is me on that day: 


eLLa (r),  8:35 AM  

hi, IM me about this shirt nman. thankx

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