DIY Silver-plated Necklace with "N" Pendant

I just love doing DIY projects now and just this morning, before I go to work, I made an instant long-chained necklace. I recycled the silver-plated chain from an old necklace and used a letter "N" key chain as pendant. The key chain was a Christmas gift to me by my Superfriend Edel's brother, Danison. It has been hanging on the rack for a long while and hasn't served its real purpose, so before it olden, I thought of using it as a very nice pendant. It stands for my name, Nicely.

Do you see the flower on top of the "N" pendant? Well, that was actually a part of a pair of earrings I used to have during my first year at work. I lost the other half, so I kept the remaining half in my jewelry box assuming that someday it will be of good use. My assumption is right. One gemstone in the "N" pendant is missing—or broken I don't know, so to cover the empty space, I cut the stem of the flower earring and glued it on the blank part.

Voila! It's what I'm wearing now. Isn't it nice?

"An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail." -Edwin Land


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