DIY Lovely Pair of Shorts

From what I frequently see on other Chictopians, I was inspired to make my own chic shorts from a pair of capri pants I bought in a thrift store. I made it one Saturday morning, while I was bored at home.
First, I cut it for my desired length.
Then, I temporarily pinned and sewed with basting stitches so that I could sew it in the machine perfectly straight. 
I cut the excess cutouts into equally measured, length-wise pieces for the ribbon belt.
I also kept these belt-like button holes and buttons, which I removed from the edge of the original pants, so I could make them as holder and ruffle-maker on both sides of the shorts.
And here's my final product—a lovely DIY chic shorts!
Thanks to Breanne of for the inspiration!


edelweiza 9:32 AM  

galing! ikaw na ang DIY queen! :)

Angie Vianzon 1:59 AM  

Thank you for sharing this one. Magawa nga minsan.

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