DIY Funky White Top for our 20th Monthsary Lunch Date

I seldom used this white shirt—even though it has nice prints, because it was kind of small on the shoulder and armpit parts. As I thought of what I was going to wear this afternoon for my lunch date with Yobs at Tagaytay City, I immediately get this shirt from the closet and cut it into a nice sleeveless, seamless, and funky white top. My mom gave me the idea of putting a shoe lace-like design on the front neckline to add a little bit of attitude and style.
Because Tagaytay City is among the coldest places in the Philippines, I wore the shirt with a black cardigan to protect me from the breezy wind in the city—not to mention that I was also not confident with my chubby arms so I had to cover and make them look thinner.

Now, this is me during our rooftop lunch date at the Pamana Restaurant.


edelweiza 10:17 PM  

good idea! cutesy! :)

Iris 12:40 AM  

How innovative for a nice top! That did justice!

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