My First Ever Converse Shoes

This is my first ever Converse shoes. I know some of you may have owned one or more since birth (baby shoes?) but I only acquired a pair just now. Here comes the saying, "There is always a first time for everything."

I bought it for only P1,930 at Converse-SM Department Store, Manila. My boyfriend bought his own pair, too, for P2,390, with the same color and style—now, that makes our first ever couple shoes! Yebah!


Hannah 9:12 AM  

couple shoes! haha that's nice, I love converse.. very affordable, simple lang and can go with anything

edelweiza 10:11 AM  

like the color! sige, kayo na may couple shoes! :)

Nicely 9:05 PM  

Hi, Hannah! That's why I chose gray—simple and can match any attire (even a wedding gown, right? LOL) Thanks for dropping by. You are always welcome, so please come back and keep in touch!

Edelweiza, my Superf, yeah, kami na ang may couple shoes! Gusto ko nga sana magboots sa trip natin kaso lang ayaw naman ni Yobs magboots din. Haha, adik lang ako ^_^

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