Advil Liqui-Gel's Superheroes' Fight Against Body Pain, Headache, Toothache, and Dysmenorrhea at Eastwood City-Libis

A friend shared with me a link of this very entertaining and informative video, which I have also read from I Am Gab, who happened to be at the Eastwood City-Libis last July 1, 2011.

It was about a flash mob, where a group of four ugly monsters namely "Body Pain," "Headache," "Toothache," and "Dysmenorrhea," started to threaten people around the place. Then, a superhero came and named himself as "Tabletman." He bravely fought against the villains, but unfortunately his strength was not enough and he lost. Then, three superheroes, also known as the "Advil Liqui Force," appeared to the rescue. Amazingly, the bad guys were killed with just a bunch of kicks, punches, and super powers.

I enjoyed watching the video. For me, skits are not only for kids. It is also for adults. And, it is an effective way to communicate and disseminate information to everyone. I salute the Advil Liqui-Gel team for a job well done in coming up with a strategy like this. This only shows that you—your company—never stops thinking of ways to serve your clients better.

I am an Advil user ever since its availability in the market. My constant migraine and sudden arthritis attacks make me one. Actually, I always have supplies of Advil Liqui-Gel in my bag, in my office drawer, and in my first aid kit at home. Now that it is in a liqui-gel form, it would be easier for me to take it in and I don't have to wait for hours for the relief because it acts faster and stronger than any other pain relievers.

I always say, "Everybody needs beauty. Let me share mine with you." This time I say, "We all experience body pains, headaches, toothaches, and (for girls) dysmenorrhea; let me share the speed of Advil Liqui-Gel with you."


Anonymous,  12:04 PM  

i haven't try taking advil.. but, after seeing their new ads in T.V. and reading your article... i'm now interested... makabili nga.. hehe

macy 12:07 PM  

can u bring me one having migraine ryt now...heehehe..ur composition really made me smile today...

edelweiza 12:35 PM  

hmmm, i have suddenly become curious about advil liqui-gel. thanks for this informative post, superf. :)

Madonna 12:41 PM  

hmmm i've tried using it. it affects me the same way other meds does. it works though ^^

Nicely 12:41 PM  

Anonymous, I know you're my friend, AR. It's true, Advil Liqui-Gel is really effective. I tried it myself.

Macy, I re-read my post and you're write: I composed it fairly well, I smiled when I read the second paragraph. It's like I'm reading a comic book.

Edelweize, my Superf, thank you, too, for your comment. Try it when you have migraine or any sort of body pains, it's really effective. Mwahh.

Nicely 12:52 PM  

Madonna, Lil Sis, good thing you use Advil. It really can relieve all kinds of body pain. I'm speaking based from experience. Thank for dropping by.

Laids 6:01 PM  

Hey, thanks for disseminating the info . about Advil. I'll consider this one, is this good for Leg cramp?

MinnieRunner 8:22 PM  

Hi Nicely, not an Advil user here, hehehe. I always use Dolfenal whenever I have Dysmenorrhea. :P

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