Petroleum Jelly: A Perfect Moisturizer for the Lips, Hands and Feet

Meet my lips, hands and feet's best friend...
It has been a couple of months now since I started using petroleum jelly. I used to ignore treating my seasonal, chapped lips and let it heal all by itself, which happens naturally, through time. When I learned about petroleum jelly as an effective prevention to chapping of the lips, I religiously apply it on everyday and as the need arises. It is also a perfect foundation before wearing your lipstick on. Aside from its being a moisturizer, it also gives a glossy, pouting look to your lip. In fact, I bought a matte lipstick from Avon and it, alone, doesn't look good at me. Applying petroleum jelly before the matte makes it look better.

I also apply petroleum jelly on my hands and feet, for the same purpose I have for my lips; not the "chapped" thingy, though. Petroleum jelly softens and improves dry skin. I always give my hands a generous lather of this jelly after taking a bath, washing my hands, and before meeting with "the boyfriend," in preparation for the "holding hands" stage. Lol. As for the feet, I apply petroleum jelly on my feet before bed time or before I dress up for an outdoor activity, especially when I am about to wear flip-flops or sandals.


Rona :),  4:07 PM  

hi, nalilighten thin ba ang color ng lips?

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