Why I Deserve to Win a Pair of Somnio Mission Control Running Shoes

Hi, guys! I would like to share with you my music video, which I finished at 1:30am this morning, as my entry to the Somnio Running Shoes Blogger Contest.

You have seen it right. My pictures and the beat of the music say it all, but I still feel the urge to elaborate why I deserve to win a pair of the Somnio Mission Control Running Shoes—because I am really eager and hopeful to win—so here goes my justification.

I love sports. I don't know where all these energies are coming from, but I really love to sweat. Running and volleyball are my favorite. Being the competitive person that I am, winning is my top priority; yet in the end, what matters most is how I played the game—with fun, with friends, and with all honesty and fairness. With Somnio as my foot gear during sports events, I know I will be on the lead, simply because I am confident with what I am wearing, a name for world-class quality and outstanding performance.

I travel a lot. Thus I believe that rubber shoes are not only for running, but also for strolling around the metro and having a walk on nature trails. As a traveler, I have to consider the comfort of traveling per se, by protecting the vehicle that drives me to different places—my feet. The Somnio Mission Control Running Shoes, designed for people with low to medium foot arches (Yes, I am one of them!), has a Functionally Engineered Adaptable Tricomponent (F.E.A.T) System that creates a custom foot bed, supporting the entire lower extremities. This is indeed perfect for me, especially that I have moderate supination. Guess what? I think I've already found my soles' soul mate.

I badly need a new pair of rubber shoes. In the event that my old pair of running shoes is nearly giving up, I think I really deserve to own a Somnio. Why choose "Mission Control"? Aside from its F.E.A.T. System, I find the shoes very ME: nicely molded to fit just right. As a fashion blogger, I always have an issue on Style vs. Fashion; "style" being one's prevailing mode of self-expression, and "fashion" being a universal trend at a given setting. It is just so amazing that its design falls into both categories. It will definitely bring out the stylish toughness in me, while maintaining my sense of fashionable feminineness.


To sum up, I deserve to win a pair of the Somnio Mission Control Running Shoes because I am a woman who is always on the go, and whose running shoes have already worn out because I do a lot of sports and traveling.

These would be all, folks. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

Note: This blogger contest is being held by Somnio Running Shoes, in partnership with UNBOX. To know more about UNBOX, you can visit their website here and/or LIKE their Facebook page here.


edelweiza 3:32 PM  

go, go, go...superf! i sincerely hope you win this one! :)

Anonymous,  9:35 PM  

good luck nice! aja!

Anonymous,  11:55 AM  

i think you should really get this one.. hoping for you to win it.. you deserve it.. good luck!
- ate joy ;)

00+the iconoclast+00 5:56 PM  

a good pair will make you run faster and really enjoy being fit!Good luck!

Nicely 6:15 PM  

@Superf Edel: Thanks for the will power! I can do this! *crossed fingers*

@Ate Joy: I think I will win, because I touched your lucky tummy, a.k.a. Baby Nicely! Hahaha!

@Ma'am Jo: Thank you so much for taking time to read and comment. Also, thanks for the like!

@Janese: Salamat nang marami! Sana nga manalo ako...

Badet 11:00 AM  

Goodluck sis!

Nicely 11:05 AM  

@Badet: Thanks, Sis! Long time, no see ah. God bless.

Mauie Flores 11:56 AM  

Good luck on your way to fitness!

Nicely 10:44 PM  

@Ate Mauie: Yes, sana ako ang manalo. I really want to have this! Thanks for the support :)

Ning Buning 10:26 PM  

good luck!! go for it..

Nicely 10:31 PM  

@Ning Buning: Thank you so much for dropping by! I really appreciate your kind gesture. God bless!

Art Blogger 11:13 PM  

Ang galing Nicely! Oo nga, that pair of shoes will be a big help since you love running (+ sweating!). May video pa! At kasama pa ako! San ka pa?! Pak! Ikaw na dapat ang winner! Wappak~

Nicely 1:05 PM  

@Art Blogger, a.k.a. Arvin Ello (hehehe): Shempre kasama ka kasi isa ka sa mga inspirations ko. Naks naman ha! Sana nga manalo ako, see you sa Run4Life 2011!

ricosta shoes 8:31 PM  

He should be asking you questions about what type of running you do, how often you run, where you typically run, if you're training for a race, and what type of surfaces you run on.

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