On Visita Iglesia and a Diamond Ring

Starting today, I will be posting pictures of my favorite fashion statements style statements. These would be my outfits during special occasions and day-to-day activities. That is, if I can find extra time and effort from my busy work schedule.

I choose to say "style statements" because I am not that good in fashion. I am not a fashionista, rather I prefer being called a stylista, for this gives me the freedom to wear what I want, without having to mind what others would say against how I dress. For me, it's my style--and it's none of their business. However, I am still open to CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Feel free to leave your comments below.

For my first post, here's how I looked during my Visita Iglesia 2011 in Silang and Tagaytay City, Cavite.

  1. Knee-length, floral summer dress, Php 350, Forever, from a surplus shop beside St. Jude Church, Malacañang, Manila
  2. Black-to-gray cotton cardigan, Php 100, from a flea market in Quiapo, Manila
  3. White-and-gold slip-ons, Ipanema, given to me as a balikbayan gift by a cousin from Perth, Australia
I like the dress very much. It's spaghetti strap, but since I am to do the Visita Iglesia--it's Holy Week, I have to put on some cover-up to make it look conservative. I am wearing Ipanema with white footbed and gold strap, my most comfortable way of enjoying the fields.

Fancy diamondsworn by Hollywood celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and Halle Berry, would also be a sweet accessory for this outfit.

An affordable blue diamond ring is my best choice, since the lining and floral designs of my dress is blue. It would make me look more classy and lovable. For me, diamonds, whether authentic or fancy, are girls' best friend.


Riza Written 9:13 PM  

looking good with the dress and the cardigan, but you could have used a different slip on or pair of flat sandals if you want to stay feeling cool with your ensemble.



hope it helped. :)

Nicely 11:20 AM  

Thanks, Riza! Okay, I'm gonna buy a better pair of slip-ons soon.

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