A 90-Minute Body Massage & Foot Treatment for Only P345: Isn't It a Great Deal?

Last week, my boyfriend and I had a full body massage; it was really rejuvenating. I always feel the need of it because it relieves stress caused by my very busy and stressful kind of work. So when I stumbled upon Metrodeal, I found this great offer from the Shui Hilot Healing Spa: a Shui Hilot Triple 90-minute Combo Massage and Foot Treatment for only P345, which originally costs P1,150.
It would definitely be a wonderful treat, as its goal is to improve blood circulation, speed healing process, cure muscle tension, and promote deeper and easier breathing. It also relaxes the mind and aids balance and harmony in one's biological system.

Without a second thought, I immediately grabbed my credit card (Uh-oh, here I go again!) and bought two vouchers. I think of bringing Mommy with me since we have not been gone out together for quite a while now. She also deserves the treat for being the best mom in the world. I already told her about it and good news is: she said yes. I just hope she would not change her mind, knowing that the spa's location is in Makati, a two-hour drive away from Cavite.

Or else, the boyfriend will be the one left with no choice but to accompany me. Haha! Poor Yobs... Or should I say "Lucky Yobs..."?


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