I'm Eyeing For That Fossil Ladies Watch

I am the woman who loves simplicity, and I find wearing ladies watches luxurious. So even I have the money to buy a pair or two, I opt not to. I am happier glimpsing at my cellphone’s clock than looking at my wrist every time I get anxious of the time.

But now is different. Quicker8 is giving away two (2) Fossils ladies watches and a Kate Spade kikay kit for three (3) lucky bloggers (one item for each winner) who will subscribe to her feed via email, blog about the contest with the prizes, leave a comment to her contest blog post, and comment to any of her posts between October 12 to December 18 this year. Who would ignore the chance of having to own this simple yet elegant ladies watch from Fossil?
So now I am giving my best shotat this very late time of the evening—to make an entry post and earn some points to qualify for the blog writing contest. This really excites me! I hope I get Quicker8’s attention and let me win. I am turning 29 on December 7 and maybe it is about time to be lady-like. It would be the best gift I can give to myself on my special day.

Do you like to join, too? Click here.


heartbug 8:07 AM  

The drawback is that these watches do need maintenance from time to time other than that they are great, besides I like the ticking sound that they make. rolex

Anonymous,  7:50 AM  

These watch are the accessory of the clothes. So the watch should be both practical and beauty. rolex watches

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