I Want 50x More Confidence With Fairer Skin

I was born with brown complexion; it runs in the blood actually. And no matter how hard I try to get fairer skin—by using different kinds of whitening lotions, creams and soaps—I cannot achieve the "white" I wanted to be.
We all know that in our society, brown people are less appreciated and often discriminated; sometimes, it affects my self-esteem. If I could only have fairer skin, I would be 50x more confident about myself without worrying how others would treat me.

In addition, I can dress up and wear what I want without having to consider if the color and style matches my complexion. 
Thanks to science and technology we now have L'Orèal. And just like Earthlingorgeous I want 50x more fairer skin. 


edelweiza 5:39 PM  

medyo nakarelate naman ako sa post mo. pero isipin mo na lang lagi yung mantra natin: We are cleopata este cleopatra pala, queen of the nile...beautiful! hehehe. yun na! :)

Nicely 6:22 PM  

Thanks for the encouragement, Superf! Yeah, confident naman ako, gusto ko lang madagdagan! Aja!

the all-around mom 7:30 PM  

thanks for the dropping by. :)
wish we could be one of the 5 winners :)

Nicely 11:04 PM  

@the all-around mom: i wish for the same :D let's keep our fingers crossed! ^_^

Cosmetic Surgery 6:57 PM  

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Skin Laxity 5:26 PM  

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