Where To Buy Bed Frames and Comforters Online

For the past few months, I have been reorganizing and accessorizing my bedroom with This-is-Me items one at a time. I painted it avocado green and plum; I decorated it with some photos on the wall plus a wire photo holder on my table; I sewed some sets of bed sheets, pillow cases, blankets and curtains; and I bought a new wooden mahogany-colored closet.

Now I am on the stage of pulling out my resources to produce money to buy a good bed frame in replacement for my old palochina bed frame and a set of beautifully made bed comforter to make the ambience more elegant and relaxing.

I was overwhelmed upon encountering the website Become.com. It is where you can choose the perfect canopy bed frame and hotel collection comforter for you. I have chosen mine already (see the photo below) and this really describes who I really am: someone who loves to spend most of her weekends sleeping and whose favorite color is lavander. Go get your set now!


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Their primary advantage of absorbency and porosity makes natural fiber bed linens responsive to changes in temperature and humidity, thus ensuring comfort in every sleeping environment. Natural fiber fabrics tend to wrinkle after washing so they should be removed promptly from the washer and dryer.

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