Sunsilk Co-Creations: An Expert in Every Bottle

Honestly, I have been using Sunsilk – the orange one in particular – since first year high school; that was the time I became aware of how important my hair is to how others see and appreciate me as a person. That’s why up to now, Sunsilk is the only shampoo I trust; the brand that treats my hair right and gives all the tender loving care that my hair truly deserves.

I am glad to hear that Sunsilk has innovated through the Sunsilk Co-Creations campaign to satisfy the needs of its consumers. Under this concept, “two parties with complementary expertise and a shared vision work together to create something new, different and better.” This innovation combines Sunsilk’s cutting-edge hair technology with the experts’ in-depth hair knowledge.

Sunsilk has recently partnered with Teddy Charles (the shape and length expert), Yuko Yamashita (the smooth expert), Thomas Taw (the damage expert) and Dr. Francisca Fusco (the hairfall expert) – four of the biggest names in the hair care arena who style and care for the tresses of top models and celebrities from all over the globe – to produce improved, premium products for amazing, beautiful, expert-touched hair accessible to all.

My hair has undergone numerous relax and rebond treatments. I thought of trying Sunsilk Straight and Sway last Wednesday and in just two days, I already noticed the difference. My hair looks straighter and more alive it bounces with my every toss and turn. Maybe because it has Amino Collagen Complex that cleanses straight hair and gently relaxes hair bonds, providing softness and suppleness to give natural movement to artificially straightened hair. It is really amazing that with a SRP of P89.00/200mL bottle, I get to experience the magical touch of hair expert Teddy Charles.

And for best results, I never fail to use Creamsilk conditioner (pink or blue) on my hair. The pink one (Standout Straight) helps my hair get up to 4x straighter while the blue one (Damage Control) provides my hair with 97% damage protection. With these as my hair’s bestfriends, I am confident that each and every angle puts my crowning glory at its best.

Special thanks to Media Contacts for the package :D


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